Xiaomeng Liu

Re-imaging a Flexible Bazaar'集' Network in Zibo City

As an old industrial city, Zibo faces a rapidly declining economy,and urban entertainment and social construction have stagnated,making the city lack vitality. In 2020, COVID-19 plunged the entire city into a more depressing situation. However, the enthusiasm of the traditional bazaars held in the countryside does not seem to be affected. Farmers are still doing lively transactions, entertainment, and socializing here. This project aims to use the advantages of traditional bazaars to inject the vitality of the bazaars into the urban context.

This project digs deeply into local folk art forms and makes efforts to promote their occurrence. The thesis argues that various public spaces in cities, such as abandoned sites, sidewalks, and parking lots, can be containers for the bazaar. This flexible bazaar framework links cities through culture, make people's lives more convenient and vibrant. Let more stories and exchanges take place here and create memories that are exclusive to this city.

Re-imaging a flexible bazaar‘集’ network in Zibo Cityn
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