Yihan Meng

The rapid urbanization process constantly replaces and consumes nature, subordinating nature to the needs of human culture. COVID-19 broke out in the ‘third nature’, a result of the rapid urbanization in Wuhan. In effect, nature has issued a serious warning and to the thesis reflects and speculates on the relationship between human and nature.

Leishenshan memorial park expresses the process of Chinese civilization framed by nature. The project arouses people's attention and protection of the ecosystem by telling the story of the changes and developments from the ‘first nature’ to the ‘fourth nature’.

China's ecological civilization policy proposes that the harmonious and symbiotic relationship between man and nature can alleviate the crisis brought about by urbanization. Therefore, through the main strategy of restoring local plants and wildlife communities and habitats, this project integrates leisure and education into the natural environment, and uses different interactive spaces and scales to allow people to understand and reflect on the harmonious and co-developing relationship between man and nature.

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