Yijiao Chen

Youth-friendly Urban Spaces after Class in Glen Waverley

Many young Australians suffer from mental issues like anxiety or depression. On account of the pandemic outbreak, long-term lockdowns aggravated loneliness and social isolation among young people. The City of Monash is concerned with young people’s mental health development, especially for the youth aged 12-25. Besides, adolescents from Mainland Chinese families are the targeted group because of their higher risks of mental health issues, especially anxiety and depression. The thesis focuses on senior students from Glen Waverley Secondary College who suffer from their tough school life and demanding academic works.

Based on the research on high school students’ lifestyle, it is important to transform from sedentary behaviours to an active social life. From site visits and surveys of students’ life, accessible urban spaces around Glen Waverley Secondary College is chosen for the design interventions, focused on weekday after-class periods. Thus, my design proposal creates a place for high school students‘ social life after class by taking advantage of their walking and waiting time to go home. The first strategy is to bring nature to the site with different forms, shapes and colors vegetation as ‘green therapy’. Secondly, the design integrates attractive recreational facilities to encourage spontaneous outdoor activities to facilitate social interactions that enhance students’ mental and physical health.

Youth-friendly Urban Spaces after Class in Glen Waverley
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