Yuekun Zeng

Background: Over the years, almost all elderly immigrants from non-English speaking countries in Australia found it challenging to adapt to Australian society. The reasons are the combination of cultural difference and language barrier. The thesis focuses on Chinese elderly immigrants’ experience, as a prominent group in Doncaster, and explores the landscape redesign at Doncaster Community Centre that encourages Chinese elderly immigrants to engage in social interaction with others to help them achieve cultural adaption in Australia.

Design Description: The new outdoor space of Doncaster Library (also known as the Doncaster Community Centre), made several of new strategies at the outdoor space to create the opportunities to help Chinese elderly people start their social interactions. The longer people stay in the same space, the more likely they are to have social interactions. In order to let people, stay longer at outdoor space, the new design utilize four elements, sound, smell, sight and touch to encourage them adapt to the Australian society.

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