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Naarm/Melbourne-based producer producer, vocalist and multi-disciplinary artist LOUV takes a deeply cathartic and intuitive approach towards electronic music and dance. Teetering on the line of pop sensibility and experimental through both her live performance and recorded music LOUV invites listeners into her safe sonic world of liberation. "My songs delve into very human experiences of pain, awakening, heartbreak, sexuality and healing," says LOUV. "By giving our struggles and pain a safe space to feel and move through." Glimpses into LOUV’s world of sound design and dance have already been seen through their feature contribution on Aphir’s 2020 LP, ‘Republic of Paradise’ and their supporting set for the launch of the record, as well as through their involvement with event collective Fem Fantasy, which saw them organise and perform sold out shows including the Midsumma Festival event alongside Lupa J and The Merindas. With the release of their latest single ‘Power’ - an experimental pop anthem for finding ones innate power - LOUV moves dauntlessly into the foreground of her creative vision to convey a message that many can benefit from during these uncertain time.

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Anuraag (they/them) is an organiser, DJ, and artist focused on sound and community contexts. As Creative Director of event series Cool Room, they have sought to change conversations around representation and safety in electronic music. Recently, Anuraag worked alongside collaborator Patrick Hase to launch their website, creating a new form of digital performance space and seeking new methods of sharing music online. As a DJ, their improvisational, layered, style favours hi-def, glossy textures, organic percussion and fluid polyrhythms, drawing connections between traditional and hypermodern instrumentation; exploring questions around the intersections of technology and power. They have played at local and international institutions including Soft Centre (Sydney), Bossa Nova Civic Club (NYC) and NTS Radio (London) and supported heavyweight artists including Helena Hauff, DJ Sprinkles, and Mama Snake.

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Aphir is the solo electronic choral project of Becki Whitton, an engineer, songwriter and producer working out of Melbourne’s Rolling Stock Recording Rooms. Her approach in the studio balances focus and ease, and centres on a thirst to find the most powerful expression of a song’s emotional core. Becki has received ARIA, AWMA and Music Victoria Award nominations for her sound work, and has managed sound for Girls Rock! Camp ACT since the first Australian camp was launched in 2016. As Aphir, Becki has been hailed as part of ‘Australia’s new wave of female electronic innovators’ and has performed around Australia and internationally including performances at Music Tech Fest (Berlin), Denmark Arts (WA), and Falls Festival.