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Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
Bachelor of Design designX Hélène Frichot
  • Urban Planning - Sun Sheng Han
  • Property - Dermot McGeown
  • Mechanical - Katja Hoelttae-Otto
  • Infrastructure Engineering Digital systems - Soheil SabrI
  • Civil Systems:
  • Landscape -Wendy Walls
  • Architecture - Djordje Stojanovic
  • Computing - Leon Sterling
  • User Experience Design - Wally Smith
  • Construction - Andrew Martel
ARCH30002 Design Studio Epsilon Design Studio Epsilon Djordje Stojnaovic Basement
ABPL30061 Landscape Studio Designed Ecologies Landscape Studio Designed Ecologies Wendy Walls and Elliot Summers  Basement

Dulux Gallery

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90169 Design Thesis Radical Suburbs - Neighbourhood Train Ruofan Lei and Paul Walker Dulux Gallery
Open: Social Rory Hyde and Laura Martires Dulux Gallery
Palaces for the People Natalie Miles Dulux Gallery
Phenomena  Benjamin Lau Dulux Gallery
Exchange Mitchell Walker and Alexander Biernacki Dulux Gallery
Future of the Office Xiaojing Sang Dulux Gallery
Pub+ Emilio Fuscaldo Dulux Gallery
ABPL90375 Landscape Thesis Independent Thesis Jillian Walliss Dulux Gallery
Museumscape: Reframing the Forecourt Jillian Walliss Dulux Gallery and Atrium
Landscape Architecture as a Practice of Everyday Life Akihito Hatayama Dulux Gallery and Atrium
ABPL90376 Urban Design Thesis Transformers David Mah Dulux Gallery

Ground Floor

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90169 Design Thesis Knowledge Gateway Michael Smith Ground Foyer
Open: Heritage Stuart Harrison Ground Foyer
Open Studio: CULTURE Helen Walter Ground Foyer

ABPL90378 / 90361 / 90222 / 90412 / 90422
DF_ / Ex_ / F_ / R_ / Si_Lab

SI_Lab Tony Yu Maker Spaces: Forbo Model Making Space
DDF ElectivesChristina Bricknell, Jessica Broad and Edward Yee, Hesam Mohamed, Tony Yu and Michael ParkMaker Spaces


Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90142 Design Studio C Beyond Isolation Kate McMahon and Rob Nerlich Atrium
Wrackline: the littoral and other edge commons Alex Zambelli Atrium Shelving
The Map and the Territory Ben Waters Atrium West - Dean's bench
Create | Curate: Crafting Connections Yui Uchimura Print Room wall and opposite freestanding bench under Hanging studio
ABPL90438 Design Studio D Beneath the Gantry Gumji Kang and Henry Williams Atrium West
ABPL90115 Design Studio E > More than Celine Herbiet,  Joel Collins, Megan Doody and Jorge Ortega Atrium
Studio WFH Stacie Ng and Jina He Atrium
Adaptation Tom Proctor Atrium
ABPL90169 Design Thesis The Great Repair Hélène Frichot and Virginia Mannering Atrium

Level 1

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90438 Design Studio D Hangar Simona Falvo and Dayne Trower 138
ABPL90115 Design Studio E Outpost: Gather Ariani Anwar, Michelle Gan and Rob Snelling 139
Infill Housing Lisa Garner 139
Hone / Home Mitchell Eaton 140
Performance Criteria Lauren Crockett, Temitope Adesina, Arjuna Benson and Nicholas Braun 140
Passive Aggressive Re-TOUCHed Jim Stewart and Eve Li 141
Offcuts William Cassell 141
ABPL90316 The Shaping of Urban Design Shaping of Urban Design (AKA Incomplete City) Dan Hill, Kim Dovey and Phia van Greunen 141
ABPL90061 Urban Design Studio AAugmenting the City of Melbourneʼs Future Streets program, via strategic urban designLeire Asensio Villoria, Dan Hill and Onur TumturkLeo Simon Entranceway
ABPL90273 Urban Design Studio B Transformative Mobillities James Whitten and Ian Lawrie 142
ABPL90389 Urban Design Studio C 21st Century “Grid” City Layouts Justyna Karakiewicz 142
ABPL90371 Design ActivismDesign Activism: Meiji x Melbourne WorkshopNancy Ji and Peter RaisbeckWest Corridor

Level 2

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90142 Design Studio C Bringing Them Home... Athanasios Tsakonas 237
Immersion  Ursula Chandler 237
ABPL90438 Design Studio D The Multifamily House Kate Finning 227
Circus Rennie Liffen and Oskar Kazmanli-Liffen 227
Art Life & Other ThingsSam HunterOutside 226 and 227
 Proposal to reclaim Government Office Space for Public Infrastructure Leonidas Koumouris 228
Triplicate: Alliez at Morphosis’ Hypothekenbank Scott Woods and Belinda Yang 228
Just a house, an apartment...and maybe even some units Colby Vexler 229
ABPL90115 Design Studio E Create | Curate: Spatial Gastronomies Yui Uchimura 226
ABPL90074 Landscape Detail Design Landscape Detail Design Sidh Sintusingha 238
ABPL90132 Urban Coding and Design Urban Coding and Design James Whitten 238
ABPL90170 Landscape Studio 4 Landscape Planning for Biodiversity Siqing Chen 240
Landscape Strategies for Biodiversity Planning (and Design in Rural Regions) Dennis Williamson  239
The Aerotropolis Ethan Zhang and Emma Tai 239
ABPL90072 Landscape Studio 5 Sustainable Urbanism: Powering Apollo Bay Through Art and Science Ray Green 240
ABPL30041 Architectural Tectonics Architectural Tectonics Katie Skillington 244
ABPL90384 MUP Studio (Studio N) Studio N (Cities at Night) Michele Acuto and Anna Edwards 244
ABPL90397 Master of Urban Planning Minor Thesis Dr Geoff Browne 244
ABPL90167 Design Communications WorkshopDesign Communications WorkshopHelen McNabWest Corridor
ARCH10001 Foundations of Design: Representation FoD:R Stanislav RoudavskiBridge TVs
ABPL90285 Master of Architecture Studio B Studio B Donald Bates and Anna Nervegna Lovell Chen Lounge
Bachelor of Design Honours ThesisBachelor of Design Honours Thesis Hannah Lewi Opposite 241, 240 and 239
PublicationUrban CollectiveKitchenette

Level 3

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ABPL90142 Design Studio C The Exquisite Corpse  Virginia Mannering 314
ABPL20033 Architectural Technology Architectural Technology Tutors: Wren Pleasant, Simrat Metha, Ivan Rakocevic, Christopher Kudlicki and Pei Wen Kwek.
Senior Tutor: Anastasia Sklavakis.
East corridor
ABPL90176 Landscape Studio 2: Site and Design The Bradmill Cotton Factory Cosmo Darby West Corridor and East Kitchenette
ABPL90327 Master of Construction Management Procurement Methods Paulo Vaz-Serra South Corridor
ARCH20004 Design Processes and Techniques Design Processes and Techniques Alberto Pugnale and Dominik Holzer South Corridor
ABPL90287 Design and Construction Design and Construction Sofia Colabella West Corridor
ABPL90304 Flexible Urban Modelling Flexible Urban Modelling Nano Langenheim West Kitchenette
ABPL30041 Architectural TectonicsArchitectural TectonicsKatie SkillingtonWest Corridor
ABPL90431 Making The Invisible VisibleMaking The Invisible VisibleGuillermo Andres Rojas AlfaroNorth, East and South Tables

Level 4

Subject Studio title Studio leader(s)Location
ARCH10003 Design Studio Alpha Design Studio Alpha Sarah Kahn, Francesco Stassi, Secil Taskoparan Stassi, Simeon Chua, Magdalena Sliwinska, Madeleine Thorpe, Grant Divall, Dulani Denipitiya, Phil Burns, Anneke Prins, Jonathan Choe, Marijke Davey and Carey Landwehr North Corridor
ARCH20001 Design Studio Beta Design Studio Beta David Mah and Leire Asensio-VilloriaEast Corridor
ARCH20002 Design Studio Gamma  Design Studio Gamma Mark Casey-Losewitz South Corridor
ARCH30001 Design Studio Delta Design Studio Delta Dennis Prior and Laura Martires West Corridor
ABPL90280 City Lights: Cities, Culture and History City Lights: Cities, Culture and History Davis Nichols South Corridor
ARCH30005 Design Visualisation: Digital TechniquesDesign Visualisation: Digital TechniquesCraig McCormack, Yuxin Jiang and Paul LauStaff Lounge
PublicationInflectionJapanese Terrace