Research in Construction Conference 2019

On October 12 Master of Construction students participated in the 2nd annual Research in Construction Conference, a core component of the Research in Construction subject (ABPL90358).

CC #1

The conference is a public platform for students to present their research proposals, on which they have been working through the semester with their supervisor.

Running throughout the afternoon in up to 11 parallel sessions including an online stream, presentations were 10 minutes long, followed by up to 5 minutes of questions. Each session was moderated by qualified tutors (most of them PhD holders) and attended by peers and supervisors to interrogate each proposal.

This model of presenting research in a conference like environment goes beyond the presentation itself to give students invaluable ‘real world’ experience. Great attention is given to replicating an academic forum with detailed preparation of name badges, banners, keynote speakers, catering, animations, awards and even a conference dinner afterwards.

CC #2

The Research in Construction Conference enables students to immerse themselves in the development and operation of an academic conference, share their research designs, challenge themselves and other students, and celebrate their research journey in a professional atmosphere.

With the first conference taking place in 2018, this second iteration saw an increase in participation with 155 students presenting and 12 tutors and 16 supervisors overseeing proceedings. Congratulations to all involved, particularly Dr. André Stephan for his coordination of the event.

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