Students and staff shortlisted for AA Prize for Unbuilt Work

Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning students and staff have been shortlisted for the 2021 AA Prize for Unbuilt Work.

The AA Prize for Unbuilt Work seeks conceptually rigorous, inventive responses to contemporary architectural issues.

The prize, first awarded in 1993, is intended to promote debate and generate ideas about architecture by rewarding compelling work in its conceptual stages.

Winners will be announced in the January/February 2021 issue of Architecture Australia and on Head to ArchitectureAU to see all 40 shortlisted entries and read more about the competition.

Coding the Garden Metropolis - Re-structuring Melbourne’s Suburban Environments

by Leire Asensio and David Mah // Asensio_Mah

"Coding the Garden Metropolis aims to affect an incremental yet systemic recovery of the garden in our suburbs.  The project proposes to reinsert the garden as a structural urban element through the use of guidelines and regulations that delivers density for Melbourne's suburbs but in another form."

Garden metropolis

Algae-coffee Infra-sculpture

by Deon Cham, Jie Jin and Heyu Lu // Non_Fictional Cities International Studio, Semester 1, 2020

“Algae-coffee Infra-sculpture intends to propose a new type of infrastructure that can be localised, visualised, and popularised in the built environment. The project tackles Melbourne’s freshwater shortages in association with Melbournians’ coffee consumption culture and envisions a self-sufficient and zero-waste infra-sculpture that challenges the current status-quo of infrastructural systems.” 


Bushwara Settlement Incremental Housing Upgrade

by Rita Liao // Village Cities thesis studio, Semester 1, 2020.

"How can architecture seek to respond to larger issues around climate change and social / economic inequity? This proposal for collective housing around shared amenities and a women's centre explores how an incremental and modular approach guided by principles of circular economy can lead to more prosperous and resilient communities in Port Moresby."

Bushwara Settlement


by Master of Architecture graduate (2017) Stephen Yuen (aka KAI)

“Despite COVID-19 lockdowns, the majority of rituals performed in public space such as work and entertainment continue to operate within our private dwellings. Digital.Trip speculates a festival village that exists solely in the digital realm, where public and private become irrelevant and placemaking becomes the primary driver.”