Broadmeadows Garden

Part community garden, part fresh-food supplier – on a roundabout near you.

In existing (2010) systems of food production, Broadmeadows residents have minimal access to organic and sustainable food resources. Broadmeadows Garden provides the local community with food production and distributed gardening systems, with the intention of improving community health and access to fresh food.

The gardens will be maintained by the council and incorporate energy & water saving methods. Grey water is collected from surrounding residential properties and used within the gardens.  Membership offers a share of the produce, with access to the supporting website, which offers educational information on the nutritional benefits of healthy eating, as well as recipes for home-cooked meals. Each garden focuses on different varieties of foods, allowing for greater production and potential food swaps.


Lloyd Mostafa, Nikki Weedon, Lena Quynh Le, Mina Kim


Emma Luke


Design Systems & Services

Studio Leader

Mark Strachan