Could Broadmeadows have a high-tech, globally iconic building?

Sunstream is a futuristic high density living greenhouse. The design proposes a new type of living, in a constrained but technologically advanced community. The design mixes affordable housing with advanced technology; inflatable living spaces, shared amenities and walkways that clean and transport water are part of the building’s features. The building is smart and is made from innovative materials, optimising light, heating and cooling. Water is recycled, reused and generates power.  A glasshouse encloses orchards gardens and community spaces. Residential areas are on platforms that surround the greenhouse over many storeys. The apartments are flexible, allowing them to be reconfigured for family units and share housing. Amenities are shared; one bathroom between two bedrooms and six bedrooms to one kitchen and living area. Kitchens can be reconfigured and moved. Rent is proportionate to salaries and the number of household occupants.


Luke Flanagan, Chris Dalamagas, Henry Sgourakis


Architecture, Industrial Design, SIAL (Spatial Innovation Architecture Lab)


NextGen Affordable Housing

Studio Leaders

Barnaby Bennett, Malte Wagenfeld, Mark Burry