Broadmeadows Valley Park

Social & environmental sustainability: WSUD, community gardens & improved transportation.

How could Broadmeadows Valley Park become a multi-functional area, attractive to locals and visitors alike?  Investigation into the topography and current use of the park has shown the potential for integrating stormwater treatment and water storage with public art, community gardens, cultural gardens, bike-share hubs and recreational trails. The main focus of the Broadmeadows Valley Park is on community education, interaction and recreation, while the elements of water-sensitive urban design (WSUD) support and enable these foci. The design analysis of the site identified that direct neighbours of the park are as isolated from it as any other potential visitor. By introducing community gardens and redesigning access points, the appeal of the Park becomes even broader.


Adam Papanicolou


Landscape Architecture


Sustainable Sprawl

Studio Leader

Dr. Sidh Sintusingha