Carparks to [Sustainable] Communities

Reconnecting the community through local food systems and Water Sensitive Urban Design.

Carparks to [Sustainable] Communities revisions Broadmeadows as a more connected community by encouraging walking and cycling and limiting vehicle access. The pedestrian overpass at the train line and Pascoe Vale Road is developed as an active edge linking the mix of residential, commercial, retail, and educational use on both sides of the divide. Water Sensitive Urban Design is a prominent feature of the proposal, with rain harvesting and waste water being treated in a variety of ways, including tiered wetlands, rain gardens, and a storm water treatment channel flowing through the site. The community is encouraged to reduce the distance between production and consumption when it comes to food, with a program of urban farming and a marketplace selling fresh, locally produced food.


Sam McCubbin


Landscape Architecture


Sustainable Sprawl

Studio Leader

Sidh Sintusingha