Learning Growing Using Sharing

Using design to connect the community through local food production spaces.

Learning Growing Using Sharing identifies and builds on the value of cultural diversity in the Broadmeadows area.  By using the local Meadowbank Primary School as a hub for growing food, community cooking classes and food swaps, over time the food-growing areas spill out onto surrounding streets, making use of median strips, roundabouts and front yards.  The diversity of the local community – 132 nationalities at last count – has been analysed to ensure that the crops grown meet their needs.  Through the use of community gardens, public orchards and food swaps, the different cultural groups interact with each other.  Eventually the local residents co-design the re-activated Merlynston Creek catchment area, allowing this model of food production & sharing to spread even further into the Broadmeadows area.


Prue Baulch


Landscape Architecture


Sustainable Sprawl

Studio Leader

Dr. Sidh Sintusigha