Sunshine: the Collaborative Process

Drawing out ideas for Sunshine in the break between semesters.

The Vision: Sunshine 2032 project has greatly benefited from presentations by Nick Mann, strategic planner for Brimbank City Council, and Karsten Schuette from DPCD, as well as from meetings with members of Brimbank City Council’s strategic planning and urban design teams.  In July, VEIL ran a workshop with Kent Larson (MIT), Sidh Sintusingha (University of Melbourne) and Simon Curlis (RMIT) to continue developing ideas for the future of Sunshine, influenced by MIT’s perspective on the use of technology to create sustainable outcomes. During this workshop, the eco-acupuncture notion of reintroducing a local food industry to activate the Albion Traingle was explored.  Site visits to Sunshine have played an important role in developing the studios and informing the student projects. The field trips have included presentations and guided tours from members of council, DPCD and the Sunshine and District Historical Society.