VEIL Studio at the Grid, Corridor & Field Exhibition

Reimagining the car-dependent suburb of Rowville

Grid, Corridor & Field is a response to the urban planning and design challenges facing Melbourne. Over the last three months, 45 Master of Architecture students from the Melbourne School of Design have developed an engaging array of visionary propositions to shed light on the critical questions confronting the life and design of our city.  The idea of ‘Transforming Melbourne’ has been gaining media coverage of late and engages the public in helping create a vision for our city. 

The visions of each studio are just some that attempt to address climate change, urban sprawl adaptability and the ills that go with inequality and vulnerability to change. The “& field” part of the exhibition, the Mess.Everyday Babylon studio was part of the 2009 VEIL Hub investigating Mobility in the City of Short Distances.  VEIL will be proud to exhibit work from the studio in the Design Studios section of the website shortly.