Grow.Pick Market

A floating garden, market and food-processing depot for Docklands.

In the words of the designer:

The Grow.Pick Market is a newly developed market model that is designed to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions from food transportation by growing food locally with hydroponic growing method and promote food miles issues.  The Grow.Pick Market grows and sells fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to the local residents. We would like to acknowledge food miles issues and gain interest in self-growing. It will act as a platform for people who are interested to learn more about growing and most importantly re-engaging people from our modern lifestyle.

It is about experiencing, being part of the process, the joy of harvesting it yourself, the freedom to choose what you want, speak to experts (growers), learn from each other and share information with your community.  The Grow.Pick Market will re-use ex-shipping containers as the structure. Re-using shipping containers is common in Pre-fab architecture. It has high mobility and high feasibility in structural modification in order to meet various purposes. Ex-shipping containers are commonly used in housing, retail stores, offices and storage. It is becoming more popular and is starting to create a pop-up shopping culture.

To meet different purposes and situation of the Grow.Pick Market, a basic container modular system must be developed. The modular system will help to simplify changes of the market layout such as food rotation during growing process, food and sales demand.  Each container has limited space; we need to make use of all the spaces to support food demand. Therefore, at Grow.Pick Market we choose to use hydroponic methods to grow our food. Inside we grow and outside we sun-dry fruits on the surfaces of the container. We would like to invite farmers and expertise to look after the growing process and take part in the community.

Growers are the experts at the Grow.Pick Market. People can learn more about hydroponic growing by asking the experts for more information and tips. The Grow.Pick Market may become an information learning hub for the hydroponic growing community. Potentially, there may be farmers who teach the young kids how to grow hydroponic food themselves and to those who are interested in growing it themselves.  Since the Grow.Pick Market is about growing our food locally, we would also like to invite people to choose the vegetables freely and harvest their choice of vegetables themselves on the spot.


Bonnie So