fragrance permeates the garments - Alex Selenitsch

fragrance permeates the garments – exhibition by Alex Selenitch, Wunderlich Gallery, University of Melbourne, September 2014.

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Alex Selenitsch
fragrance permeates the garments: books, constructions & drawings
Wunderlich Gallery
MSD Melbourne
September 2014

Notes by the artist, from the catalogue:


My colleague GKM shows me photos by Melbourne artist Greg Easton of Chinese Flower Windows. These screens enable the space behind them to be framed and in focus, but also blurred and marginal. The windows allow a number of different kinds of layers (plants, rocks, walls, insects and birds) to be seen past, but not ignored, while directing attention to a blank wall - an absolute which can and cannot be seen. I am reminded of a poem by Kosen Shoten (Gaoquin Xingdun, 1633-95), which translates as:

brushing against flowers,
permeates the garments

This poem and the photos combine to inspire some drawing in a sketchbook. The drawings overlay marks in crayon, pencil, ink and rubber stamps. This leads to a smaller sketchbook where the images are generated firstly by imprints of the stamp pad itself; these then transmute into tissue paper collages of misty and translucent colours with torn edges.

I look again at some the leftover sheets of plywood I have from the ABP FabLab. Quite a few have groups of accurately cut holes, as if they were contemporary versions of the screens found in the Flower Windows. I start to layer these in shallow space and bring in other leftover sheets of acrylic and expanded aluminium. One by one, the reliefs get flatter and flatter as they are made, and the final three are effectively wall pieces.

…AND (in retrospect) AS IT WILL…

At the end of the exhibition, the reliefs were to be dismantled, the screws returned to the workshop cupboard and the cut-out sheets thrown away. Upcycling is the term for re-using waste by giving it a higher value, rather than cycling it back into the state it was in before. In these works, rubbish was elevated to art: this being a question of category, not judgement. But while the found materials were forms which had been semantically upcycled, materially, they were just in remission. As it happened, none were dismantled or thrown away, but time doesn’t stop waiting…

Stamp & Tissue June 2013
a book of 30 drawings
stamp pad, tissue on paper
A6 sketchbook

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Dr Alex Selenitsch