Performance Analysis of Cool Roof Products

Evaluating the effectiveness of cool roof coatings

This project evaluates the effectiveness of Dulux's heat-reflecting Cool Roof Coatings. Monitored data will be comparted with modeled data to facilitate predictions of building coating performance.

Dulux Group (Australia) P/L has applied cool roof coatings to three buildings of a retail / trade nature and monitored the energy use to determine the benefits of the cool roof coating. Energy savings have been demonstrated although as yet there is limited ability to predict the benefits of the product for other buildings. This is due to the complex interaction of variable such as climate, occupancy building form and material properties, and HVAC systems.

The purpose of this study is to link the existing performance results to the ability to predict accurate energy savings of this product through energy modeling.

The results of this study will have the following research benefits:

a) Demonstrate the benefits of cool roof paint technology on commercial facilities
b) Closely understand the energy uses within such buildings (retail/trade) and better understand the application of energy saving opportunities
c) Demonstrate the power of computer modeling to predict the benefit of the products on commercial facilities
d) Increase the accuracy of using computer modeling to predict energy use and energy savings based on the comparisons made with existing buildings

Project details

Major Sponsor

Dulux Group (Australia) P/L


Chris Jensen