Building an Integrated System for Australian Bushfire Prevention

This project aims to work closely with researchers, practitioners, the community and Crime Stoppers to develop a comprehensive approach to prevent arson.

Image by bertknot (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Building on prior work, it intends to improve community responses, build a model to predict risk and improve data sharing. The intended outcome is a world first in an all-risks approach to arson prevention and community engagement. It is anticipated that this research will reduce the incidence of arson in Australia, an issue of serious concern with climate change. The researchers aim to ensure that the findings have a major impact in Australia and internationally, and provide the much needed knowledge to prevent bushfires to counter the serious lack of research, particularly on arson.

Project details

Major Sponsor

Crime Stoppers Victoria
ARC Linkage Grant

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
Swinburne University

Project Team

A/Prof Janet Stanley (University of Melbourne)
A/Prof Alan March (University of Melbourne)
Prof James Ogloff (Swinburne University)


A/Prof Janet Stanley (University of Melbourne)