Improving Environmental Performance in Construction

Dr. Robert Crawford is the Chief Investigator on a 2015 ARC Discovery project, Improving the Environmental Performance of Australian Construction Projects.

Image: Peter Bennetts

In collaboration with his team, Associate Professor Thomas Wiedmann, University of New South Wales, and Dr. Andre Stephan, Robert will investigate the environmental impacts of construction in Australia through the development of a sophisticated hybrid environmental assessment model.

The project will assist in reducing Australia's national energy, water and raw material demand, as well as emission of greenhouse gases, and other pollutants and waste production.

"The built environment contributes to global resource depletion, environmental degradation and climate change," said Robert. Through this project we will endeavor to make a significant and necessary contribution to minimising our impact on the environment."

The hybrid assessment model will facilitate greater confidence in the identification, assessment and implementation of appropriate environmental management strategies that minimise the impact of construction projects. This, in turn, will help to improve sustainability in the construction sector, and rapidly advance the achievement of national environmental goals.

"The outputs of this project will greatly enhance supply chain analysis, policy formation, corporate sustainability reporting and building design," explained Robert.

Project details

Major Sponsor

Australian Research Council

Research Partners

University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales

Project Team

Associate Professor Robert Crawford (University of Melbourne)
Assoc. Prof. Thomas Wiedmann (UNSW)
Dr André Stephan (University of Melbourne)
Paul-Antoine Bontinck (University of Melbourne)


Robert Crawford