Transforming Building Environmental Design

Buildings are responsible for significant environmental impacts. Only with considerable improvements to the design, construction and operation of buildings can ambitious national environmental goals be achieved.

The Australian construction industry is currently constrained in their efforts to maximise the environmental performance of buildings. Reliable and easily accessible information on the environmental performance of a broad range of alternate building materials and components is lacking. The project will provide the construction industry with the comprehensive environmental information needed to better facilitate the identification and implementation of appropriate design strategies that minimise building environmental impacts.

This project will significantly reduce national energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions associated with the construction and operation of new and existing buildings. This will help to reduce the potential impacts of climate change on Australians and provides a highly cost-effective solution for mitigating and adapting to climate change.

Project details

Major Sponsor

CRC for Low Carbon Living

Project Partners

Industry partners

Brookfield Multiplex; AECOM; Aurecon; Hassell; Sydney Water; Master Builders Australia

Government partners

Landcom NSW; Environment and Heritage NSW; City of Sydney; City of Melbourne.

Non-government sector

ICLEI (Oceania)

University partners

University of Melbourne
University of New South Wales
Swinburne University

[The number of partners will expand considerably as project proceeds]

Project Team

Prof Chris Ryan – Project Project Leader (University of Melbourne)
Dr Idil Gaziulusoy – Principal Researcher (University of Melbourne)
Dr Paul Twomey – Principal Researcher (UNSW)
Stephen McGrail – Researcher (Swinburne)


Dr. Idil Gaziulusoy