Architectural Acoustics

This research project aims to produce a theoretical framework for pedagogical approaches, research principles and computational tools for performance-based design focusing on architectural acoustics and structural behaviour, as both aspects are seen as opportunities for creativity rather than an obstacle to design imagination.

Architectural Acoustics

The project Architectural Acoustics promotes an aural culture, which is rarely the result of an individualistic effort of acoustic engineers, and it is often the outcome of a coalescence of many professionals, and even a task for everyone: “sound is an intersection between space and the people in it, and this intersection is never the same” (Van Lengen).

Architectural spaces and cities produce, house and alter sounds - pleasant or otherwise – through their materiality and shapes, impacting the sound’s perceived quality and intensity.

We collaborate with musicians and industry leaders in acoustics to provide innovative workflows for architects approaching the design of performance venues.

Project details

Project team

Dr Sofia Colabella

Mr Michael Mack (PhD student)

Dr Gabriele Mirra

Dr Alberto Pugnale

Key contact

Dr Sofia Colabella


Mr Peter Fearnside (Marshall Day Acoustics)