Designing Learning Spaces for Diversity, Inclusion and Participation – Pilot Project

In Australia and internationally, evidence-based school facility design has not kept pace with inclusive education policies and agendas during past decades.

SHE Post-Occupancy Evaluation survey
Well-structured research and evaluation is needed to investigate how design can better respond to the complex needs of all primary and secondary students and support their effective participation in learning and in the life of their school. This seed project will explore and develop collaborations that will inform subsequent research proposals. These will respond to a significant research gap regarding how best to accommodate students with disabilities and other forms of special educational needs in inclusive school settings. The ultimate objective of a planned multi-year research program is to ensure that students with disabilities—and indeed all students—are included and supported by educational facilities in both mainstream and dedicated special school settings.

Project details

Project team

A/Prof Ben Cleveland

A/Prof Kate Tregloan

A/Prof Christhina Candido

Dr Paul Loh, Prof Lorraine Graham

Prof Janet Clinton

A/Prof Wes Imms

Prof Christine Imms

Prof Bruce Bonyhady

Key contact

A/Prof Ben Cleveland


Led by Learning Environments Applied Research Network (LEarN) in University of Melbourne