The Impact of physical Environment on human behaviours and the role it plays in corporate decision making

This research seeks to demonstrate and increase the value of the workplace by closing gaps in our understanding of the impact of space on human feelings and behaviours.

SHE Post-Occupancy Evaluation survey
Adding to the body of limited empirical evidence linking place with organisational ambitions and the human actions that facilitate them; the research will offer insights that will lead to workplaces being better leveraged to achieve the business, brand and cultural objectives of organisations, as well as addressing broader societal issues such as loneliness, isolation, a mental health and climate crisis.
Through an understanding of the effectiveness of selected workplace attributes priorities can be established that will lead to more informed decisions by the organisations, designers, architects, and property developers who envision, create, and use space. This work is particularly relevant in the aftermath of the Covid 19 pandemic which has caused many to question the validity and purpose of the workplace. They are now looking to corporations to enhance their social values and commitment to purposes beyond shareholder value.

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Ms Laurie Aznavoorian

A/Prof Christhina Candido

A/Prof Georgia Warrens-Myer

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Ms Laurie Aznavoorian