Ariani Anwar on the Melbourne Model

Not all our architecture graduates complete an architecture major in their bachelor degree before starting our masters program. Meet Ariani Anwar, currently employed at John Wardle Architects. She recently completed her Masters of Architecture, following a Bachelor of Arts in Art History and Hispanic Cultural Studies from the University of Melbourne. She is a founding editor of Inflection, the internationally published student-run journal of the Melbourne School of Design.

Ariana Anwar

"As a graduate working in architecture, it’s essential to understand the context within which a building is situated to fully realise its design potential. Understanding the history of sites allows us to understand the history of our city. I work with engineers, consultants and historians and I think being able to empathise and collaborate with industry is one of the key things I have learned from the Melbourne Model."

How does the Melbourne Model work?

You start with an undergraduate (bachelors) degree. The Melbourne Model offers undergraduate degrees in Arts, Biomedicine, Commerce, Design, Music and Science. Over three years, you’ll develop a deep understanding of a particular study area - your major.

You’ll also study subjects from outside your core study area. We call this breadth. Not only will breadth provide you with a greater understanding of the world around you, it will allow you to tailor your course to fit your individual passions and career ambitions. You might, for example, study Design but take breadth in a language – a great choice if you’re looking to work internationally. You can also simply explore something you’ve always been curious about, learning alongside fellow students from all over the university.

Following your undergraduate degree, you can enter the workforce or progress to a specialised graduate degree. Graduate degrees offer advanced learning in professional fields such architecture. You’ll earn a competitive, internationally-recognised masters or doctorate qualification and the skills and knowledge required for expert professional practice.

In a crowded marketplace, having both an undergraduate and a specialised graduate-level qualification will help you stand out from the rest.

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