Computing meets landscape architecture for Olivia in the Bachelor of Design

Olivia Yu Qi combined her skills and interests by choosing to double-major in computing and landscape architecture. She is one of the first students undertaking the new Graduate Degree Package (GDP), guaranteeing her a graduate position as she enters into her first undergraduate year of the Bachelor of Design.

Olivia Yu Qi

Which study areas have you chosen to focus on in the Bachelor of Design?
I am in my first year of the Bachelor of Design. I initially chose computing as my major but after I arrived in Melbourne, I decided to do a double-major in computing and landscape architecture.

What graduate program have you chosen to pursue as part of the Graduate Degree Package (GDP)
For the graduate degree program, I actually chose Engineering for the graduate component, but I think I will transfer it over to landscape architecture as I believe my skills in this area are becoming stronger.

What was your favourite subject in the Bachelor of Design to date?
My favourite subject so far is Foundations of Design: Representation. Although it is intense, all the assignments are really fun and interesting and are structured to give us the opportunity to learn practical skills. For example, we were asked to create an axonometric (a projection showing 3 dimensions of an object) Mario world with two elevations from the 2D Mario world game. It was a great way of gaining experience using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator as a fresher in the Bachelor of Design.

Why did you choose to major in computing and landscape architecture?
They are the majors that suit my skills and personality best. I wanted to combine things I am good at (Maths) with the things I am interested in (design, drawing, playing around with computers).

Work example one
Image: Olivia created an elevation of a component of a fictional city in Frame vs Field Module 4 of subject 'Foundations of Design: Representation'.

You are amongst the first cohort of students to be offered a graduate degree package (GDP). What attracted you to apply for the graduate degree package?
I was initially thinking about going back to China after graduating from university, but I realised a Bachelor degree would not guarantee me the best job so I knew early on that I needed to get a further degree. Getting a GDP guarantees me a further degree so that I don’t have to worry and panic about it in the future, especially at the end of third year when I imagine I would be really busy working on my final project or task.

What are the most valuable skills that you have learnt? 
I feel like everything that I’ve learnt from university is valuable and contributes towards my major, but definitely the most important skill I have learnt has been time management.

Who has inspired you during your study here?
Maybe I am very lucky, but I feel like people I met from university are all friendly and helpful.

What tips have helped you during your time at University? 
The top three pieces of advice I have are, firstly, it’s good to have a regular routine. Secondly, don’t panic, don’t stress out. Everything will be fine. Thirdly, always ask for help when you need it.

What’s your favourite place on campus?
You probably won’t believe me, but it’s the Melbourne School of Design (the Glyn Davis Building). It’s the building with the best and most modern design and I spend most of my time there.

Work example two
Image: Olivia experimented with pattern versus surface for module 3 of 'Foundations of Design: Representation' by digitally and physically creating a patterned structure.

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