Girvan looks to shift our way of living through the Master of Landscape Architecture

After studying the Bachelor of Design and majoring in both Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Girvan has decided to pursue the Master of Landscape Architecture due to a passion for public spaces and our relationship with nature.

Girvan #1

It's a difficult year with Covid-19 impacting lives profoundly. What impact has this had on your studies?

What I miss the most is the studio culture but I try my best to contribute as much in the online discussions, and share as much of my process and learning as possible to my peers.

Site visits are no longer possible so there’s a strong reliance on aerial mapping and google street view. On one hand, it does free up our boundaries of thinking. Instead of thinking about ‘what is the site’, we think about ‘what it can be’. However, we need to be more critical and analytical as our site analysis needs to be an educated guess instead of an assumption.

Time management has also been a big consideration this semester, as it can be difficult to focus on studying when your bed is just behind your back :D

Which subjects did you study in Semester 1, 2020?

Studio 3: Refining the Gap, Landscape Materiality and Contemporary Landscape Theories

Girvan #2

How has the online learning experience been with your subjects?

It was initially a difficult transition into online meetings. The conversations we were having were a little more constrained. But with presentations now restricted to screens I’ve learned how to convey my ideas succinctly in new ways, for instance, video presentation and animation (instead of physical modelling and printed pin-ups).

Do you have any tips for other students which have helped you during lockdown and the transition to online learning?

Getting a routine going is the best advice I got. It helps to keep the momentum going.

Also, planning and time management. I’ve been using a weekly notebook diary and try to do an achievable goal each day. Don’t forget to put in breaks too! For your outdoor time and hobbies.

Do you think the pandemic might change the way that Urban Planning embraces new and digital technology going forward?

Definitely, with the pandemic, people are forced to jump into the digital platform.  With this, there is a shift of perspective. Initially, digital technology is merely an addition, now it’s integral.

I’m looking forward to seeing what urban planning will become once digital technology is embraced.

Girvan #3

What has been your favourite aspect or experience in the course?

Firstly, the peers and the staff members. I’m happy to be in an environment where the people around me are passionate and share the same thing that I am interested in. It makes study fun!

And then, the resources. Other than the online ones, I’m looking forward to borrowing more books from the library and using the workshop!

After studying the Bachelor of Design majoring in architecture and landscape architecture, why did you decide to head into the Master of Landscape Architecture?

The first reason is my love for plants, parks and public spaces. The next reason is, with climate change, there is a need to shift our way of living. In my opinion, there is a need to design so people can be an integral part of nature, instead of our current tendency to dictate nature to fit our needs. I believe heading into the Master of Landscape Architecture is a step in this direction.

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