Dr Shin Yokoo

Senior Lecturer at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore

Dr Shin Yokoo

Dr. Shin YOKOO teaches some design studios and Architectural Construction and Tectonics module as Senior Lecturer (past 2 years as Visiting Senior Fellow) at the National University of Singapore from 2020. Visiting Associate Professor at the Tokyo University of Science since 2022.

Founded Ouvi (Tokyo based) as a registered senior architect of Japan in 2004 after completing a masterʼs degree in architecture at the Tokai University Graduate School of Engineering and working at the Masahiro Ikeda Architectural Studio. Earned a PhD (Engineering) from the Tokyo University of Science Graduate School of Science and Technology in 2016. Notable works include the House in Nakago (2021; collaboration with Snark), 4 Episodes (2014; Atelier Nishikata), and Jukkaie (2009; collaboration with Point). His research interests' Tectonic features: read an intention of architect from their drawing. In other words, to clarify how some details influence in architectural concept. Currently, he has been publishing new articles about works of Jean Prouvé on a website of Window Research Institute.


Landscape Terrain Modelling