Regenerative development in action

Regenerative development creates the capacity within a system for it to be vital, viable and able to constructively adapt to change. Critical to this is the engagement of people. This series of five short videos made by award winning videographer Alexander Melck demonstrates regenerative development in action in design, business and education.

Critical to a thriving future is that business begin to see their role as enriching, supporting and benefiting their community, New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins is a wonderful case study. This short video shows how the brewery isn’t just sustainable in its water, energy and resource use; but is also supporting all its employees to grow, succeed, be happier, healthier and more engaged.

New Belgium Brewery - A Regenerates Short

Connecting children to their place, their nature, helps them to understand the systems within which they live. This builds agency and custodianship, that is care for the land. This project in Cheyenne is a wonderful example of a disused piece of land and old maintenance building turned into a thriving place of fun, learning and connection. This short video shows the place, its wonderful nocks and niches and the potential of creating a children’s garden in the harshest of places.

Children’s Village - A Regenerates Short

Kroon Hall is a study in Biophilic design. This short video takes you through the building, the amazing spaces created and the story of its design with Stephen Kellert. This building connect its students and staff to nature, and has brought a new understanding to Yale about what sustainable architecture could look like for its campus.

Kroon Hall - A Regenerates Short

Willow school is the story of a 13 year journey. This school started as a dream of its founders to create a school that connected kids to the joys of learning and nature in a contributive, connected and ethical foundation. Through three building projects – LEED gold, LEED platinum and Living Building – the project team embodies this foundation of continual learning. This short video takes you through a walk of the first two buildings.

The Willow School - A Regenerates Short

A world first exploration on what it means to be a practitioner in the built environment, if the future is about providing a regenerative, contributive, nature rich environment. With contributors: Bob Berkebile, Bill Reed, Chrisna du Plessis, Laura Lesniewski, Pamela Mang and Ben Haggard. In a nut shell it is about seeing the potential of a place, and how a building or other initiative can bring the most contributive opportunities to that place.

Changing role of a practitioner - A Regenerates Short

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