A prototype for low-carbon precinct design

What do we know about urban design, health and productivity?

Cities around the world are dealing with multiple challenges as a consequence of changing population demographics. In 2007, 51% of the world’s population lived in cities and it is estimated that this will increase to 70% by 2050. These projections are reflected in population growth estimates that will see the world’s population increase by 66% from 7 billion people in 2013 to 10.5 billion people over the next 40 years. The design of cities and suburbs in which the world’s estimated 7 billion city-dwellers will live, work and play will be key to increasing global productivity and reducing incidence, prevalence and costs associated with chronic illness and injury.


The aim of this project is to develop and trial a prototype low-carbon precinct co-benefits calculator for use by urban planners and designers. The calculator will estimate co-benefits associated with a range of alternative precinct designs and transport/land use configurations across health, productivity, and pollution associated with greenhouse gases and particulate emissions. The calculator will estimate population health status (with respect to chronic disease and injury) and productivity at a precinct (or greater) level. It will enable government regulators, developers, precinct planners, designers and local government officials to estimate the population health and productivity effects of various precinct design scenarios.

How to use the calculator

The Low Carbon Living Co-benefits Calculator can be used in 2 ways – Explore or Calculate.


  1. Use the pre-calculated Low Carbon Living calculator for Melbourne tools and maps to explore areas of interest and potential development
  2. Compare maps using different layers and overlays, turning on and off features.
  3. Identify areas that suit you and your interests.
  4. Collect, print or bookmark these areas for comparison


  1. Locate the area or precinct you are interested in developing on the map
  2. Use the Low Carbon Living Prototype tools and maps to count the number of facilities and land-uses within reach of your chosen location
  3. Enter these numbers  into the calculator, below to produce health and productivity estimates for your area
  4. Collect, print or bookmark these areas for comparison

The Co-benefits Calculator


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