Jude Barber


Jude Barber is an architect and director at Collective Architecture in Glasgow, UK. Founded on principles of creative freedom, equity and sustainability, the studio was named Architect of the Year at the 2018 AJ Awards, and is 100% owned and controlled by employees. Together, the team has delivered several key residential, civic and cultural projects around the UK including the Glasgow Women’s Library. Jude also has an interest in green-blue infrastructure and strategic planning and has developed proposals for Water Row in Govan and the Granton Waterfront in Edinburgh.

With Suzanne Ewing and Nicola McLachlan, Jude leads Voices of Experience, a collaborative project that investigates the undiscovered, legendary women who have made important contributions to Scottish architecture and the built environment. In parallel with her studio practice, Jude has undertaken several close collaborations including the award-winning Empire Cafe with writer Louise Welsh during the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In 2018, Jude was named ‘Creative Industry Leader of the Year’ at the Scottish Women’s Awards.

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Day 2


Challenging the Canon – Rewriting history

How and why do we recover the histories of women’s active participation in shaping the built environment? How does such knowledge reshape our understanding of the past and the present? What are the barriers, assumptions and disciplinary norms challenged by rewriting built environment histories? Jude Barber, Sarah Rafson, Madhavi Desai and Karen Burns discuss recent projects in a panel discussion chaired by Julie Willis.

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