Urban Design

Urban design at the University of Melbourne teaches foundation knowledge for the design of interconnected buildings, infrastructure - our towns and cities. Our strong expertise in related disciplines (architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture) and research focus in sustainability, health and urban intensification make our urban design programs contemporary and intellectually vigorous.

Urban design is the art of making places, and is a collaborative process which shapes the physical setting for life in urban areas. Our curriculum develops professionals who can understand the city as a spatio-temporally complex system.

Our urban design researchers, teaching staff and students are actively engaged with some of the pressing issues of our time, including dealing with the impact of climate changes, sustainable resourcing challenges, and the pressures of increased urbanisation. Together they explore the design and planning of public and private spaces, focusing on the importance of design and planning within the social, environmental, aesthetic and economic contexts.

Our students become employment-ready through working in interdisciplinary teams, encouraging interaction and appreciation of multiple viewpoints and collegiate working environments.


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