The Sharing Paradox: Collaboration and Collusion

An event exploring the relationship between collaboration and collusion in learning and teaching.

The BEL+T team has produced a series of resources exploring issues relating to collaboration and collusion in learning and teaching. These resources were used in the second BEL+T session : The Sharing Paradox.

The session centered on eight activities for staff. Participants were given worksheets, challenges and a set of resources to assist.

The activities were:

  • Designing Successful Group Projects
  • Developing Assessment Tools for Collaborative Projects
  • Group Formation Strategies
  • Writing a Group Contract
  • Supporting Student Groups Working on Collaborative Projects
  • Drawing the Line Between Collaboration and Collusion
  • Peer Assessment and Adjustment Factors
  • Detecting Academic Misconduct

Additional lunchtime sessions on the topic will be offered.

The pack of resources produced for the session can be found here.