Tanzil Shafique

Teaching Excellence Award (Sessional Staff)

Tanzil brings a well-considered and versatile multidisciplinary pedagogy to his teaching across urban planning, urban design, and architecture.

In his approach, students are encouraged as active participants in their learning, opening engagement and personal responsibility for their education and development, as they participate directly in the development of studio briefs and similar. This challenging approach is received very well as reflected in SES scores and comments.

Students also value opportunities offered for engagement with the public and practitioners, and with emerging areas of study and publication. The Loneliness-focussed studio offers an example of student development and engagement with ideas that reach beyond typical concerns, and into life outside the institution. The studio also engaged with public concerns through publications and collaborations with advisers from multiple disciplines.

Tanzil’s student-centred approach, and its extension to the development of supporting materials and learning opportunities, is recognised through this Award.

Congratulations Tanzil.