BEL+T Group

Recognition of Promoting Teaching Excellence

Kate Tregloan; Pippa Soccio; James Thompson; Joe Barrins; Adrian Chu; Fernando Jativa; Nancy Samayoa + 2020 BEL+T Tigers

This award recognises the substantial efforts and results achieved by the BEL+T Group in the development of support mechanisms and tools employed in striving toward teaching excellence.

These significant contributions toward enhancing teaching quality extended across all disciplines and levels. The Group managed to contact and assist the vast majority of subject areas and teaching academics within the Faculty. Access to this resource was particularly relevant during the challenges the Faculty faced in 2020.

The team proactively provided support and assistance in the integration of effective and cutting-edge techniques to raise teaching quality. This was addressed through the embracing of multi-media and mixed-mode delivery techniques; the value of which have never been more tested and appreciated than in the previous tumultuous year.

The lessons learnt will continue to hold the Faculty in good stead for the challenges of this year and years to come.

All members of the teams contributed effectively, and even cheerfully, to the ambitious improvement agenda.