1. This subject was intellectually engaging and stimulating​

This ESS question highlights the importance of Delivery within the overall DIAgram.

Compared to the SES questions used in past years, inclusion of the term “engaging” suggests a focus on not just the content being delivered but the quality of its delivery.

The qualitative descriptors of Great Teaching that align with this question are listed below, as well as some tactics to improve each.

  • Current

    Subject refers to relevant, current and emerging issues.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Asking industry and community leaders to review subject overview, or suggest emerging needs.
    • Contextualising content using recent media publications and current academic debates.
    • Inviting guest speakers with first-hand experience of recent case studies and/or coordinating 'live projects' with community partners.
  • Inspiring

    Delivery conveys a passion for the subject area and encourages student engagement.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Including opportunities for students to contribute to content selection and/or presentation.
    • Varying delivery techniques and options for engagement across the teaching period.
    • Reflecting on your own passion for the subject and how this intersects with student enthusiasms when choosing content and presenting.
  • Well-Presented

    High-level communication skills (verbal, graphic, written) are employed, and include effective signposting for students.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Ensuring written content is appropriate in length and complexity to the cohort.
    • Incorporating curated or bespoke multimedia for engagement.
    • Soliciting feedback on recorded presentation (from peers, self-assessment, etc.)
  • Connected

    Interaction with members of the wider community (staff, industry, alumni, etc.) fosters links beyond the university.

    Tactics to consider:

    • Selecting guests with an aim of diversifying the perspectives shared across subject activities
    • Granting students equitable opportunities to interact with guests
    • Signposting for students any guest-delivered content and guest-facilitated activities within the subject's overall structure

If you have other tactics relevant for this ESS question, please contact BEL+T to share them!