CDE Studio 25
Environmental Building Studio

Studio leaders: Adrian Chu and Nayan Puri


ESD is a term that is slapped onto every second building; however, it is often an afterthought and an act of greenwashing, rather than an integral part of the design process.

This studio asks students to dig deeper into the field of ‘Sustainability’ and to create their own vision and interpretation of ‘Environmentally Sustainable Design’.

The studio partners with Melbourne University Office of the Environmental Programs, and the project brief is to design a dedicated Centre for Sustainability housing the OEP program, on the Parkville Campus. Students are asked to design spaces for teaching, research, collaboration and experimentation, that showcase their own interpretation of how an environmentally sustainable space could take form. The Centre acts as a ‘third teacher’ and is an integral part in the teaching of ‘Sustainability’.

Environmental Building Studio is for students who are interested in specialising in ESD and would like to further their ESD knowledge and design capabilities, as well as networking with ESD professionals. At the completion of the studio, students are equipped with the knowledge and skills to think critically about environmentally sustainable design and apply these principles directly into the design process.

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