Zhuoqing Li (Eve)


The concept is proposed to challenge the empiric education model. The empiric educational model separates learners from the experiential experiences and only provides them with the outcome, making innovation in learning hard.

As the Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) industry needs innovative ideas to develop and grow, it is important to bring the learning journey of ESD into context and allow individuals to think independently. Therefore, the proposed concept is using space to provoke an action-based learning journey which allows participants to construct their own understanding of ESD in learning actions and embark on their research of ESD principles during their studies. The new OEP building will be an active learning lab, a showcase of ESD, a teaching tool, and the identity of unimelb OEP faculty.

This project could inspire more people to act for sustainability as “actions” should never stop.

Zhuoqing (Eve) Li: “OEP, ACTION!”
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