CDE Studio 31

Studio leaders: Jorge Ortega and Isaac Chen


We believe that creativity is the key to the future of human endeavour and critical thinking the key to success. Design, and the value it provides to society, is becoming increasingly more influenced by how it is produced; we believe the means of production should be secondary to the intangible values pursued by the design intent. As more processes within the design conception and production get automated, the true value of a designer is being able to find strategies that involve a non-linear, quasi-logical solutions to design challenges; solutions unable to be generated by automated processes/scripts or algorithms.

The aim of this studio is to provide a platform from which designers can detach themselves from their current intellectual restrains and explore an imaginative approach to the formation of creative solutions from a variety of creative models applied to design and architectural thinking while fostering a critical approach to problem solving.

Architecture Cities Process 2020_winter