Architecture Thesis Studio 01
Lost in Translation

Studio leader: Mark Healy


The objective of the studio is to answer two questions:
— Who have you really designed this project for?
— Should you be allowed to build this project?

These two questions will be interrogated through the design of a Hotel Project. Six degrees will provide a dedicated studio environment within their office for you to test ideas, design process and thinking. Students will work with different members of Six degrees at different times, gaining specialist skills.

Architects have clear responsibilities to the users of our buildings, the wider community, and the sustainability of the planet. We are a Melbourne based firm that works across a broad variety of building types and programmes. We tend to approach design with a heavy emphasis on the user experience. We also believe in the ability of architecture to lift the human spirit.

The structure of the studio requires students to develop a complex brief and follow through with a highly layered response, resulting in a “built” expression. “Who have you really designed this project for?” Students critically test their designs through multiple points of view, (ie, putting themselves in the “shoes of others”). “Should you be allowed to build this project?” Students research and present the environmental considerations of their design with particular focus on understanding choice of materiality.

We believe thesis is about drawing all the components of architectural education into a coherent position, with this studio providing students with a measurable understanding of their ability to express personal beliefs in built form.

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