Thesis Studio 08
you watched me fall.

and did nothing.

Studio leader: Marijke Davey


you watched me fall. and did nothing, will be heavily research based, self directed and will focus on Gaza, in Occupied Palestine.


Through different methodologies and approaches to research, the studio develops a visual understanding of the situation in Gaza. Mapping is undertaken, looking at more than the geographical, the way people live, the way the country lives, the food they eat, the places they gather.

What is the reality for Gaza ?

Why has nothing changed ?

In 2012 the United Nations made a prediction that by 2020 Gaza would become unliveable. Citing increasing population, unreliable electricity and water supply, and a lack of education facilities, as factors that contribute to unliveablity, the report outlines what needed to be done in the following eight years to ensure that life for people living in Gaza could continue.

It is now 2020.

Gaza remains under siege from Israel, controlled by Hamas, cut off from the ocean, families, resources and autonomy.

you said, your words mean nothing.

you said, words are nothing without action.

i do not believe you.

action, action, take 20. write more, do more, all the punctuation, telling us when to breathe, when to pause, when to exclaim, when to question, what to question, stop asking questions, stop telling us what to do, we breathe without you, beside you, like you.

Image: Palestinian families in the Gaza Strip break their Ramadan fast on May 18 next to a building destroyed in recent clashes between Hamas and Israel. (Mahmud Hams/AFP/Getty Images).

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