Construction Design

Subject coordinator: Blair Gardiner

Subject support: Trisya Cahyawi


This subject articulates and tests the idea of construction as a process requiring cultural and technical choices. While Construction Analysis focuses on the internal mechanics of building systems, Construction Design moves from the analysis of specific architectural ideas to arrive at the evaluation and selection of implementation alternatives. Mixing built examples and project proposals, students will be shown how to identify, evaluate and engage with the technological underpinnings of architecture.

Aleks Baltovski
Barbara Chung
Michael Collins
Jake Nancarrow
Aleksandra Savic Rakocevic

ABPL30041 Construction Design would like to acknowledge the contribution of Six Degrees Architects and George Apted & Associates (Consulting Engineers) in providing resource material for the Western BACE case study. In particular, we wish to thank Six Degrees Director Peter Malatt and George Apted & Associates Director Karl Apted for their active support and input.

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