CDE Studio 08

The Home, the Monument, the Museum

Studio leaders: Scott Woods and Kim Vo


In association with MAXXI Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo (MAXXI, Rome), and anticipating the major retrospective: Aldo Rossi The Architect And The Cities, at the Zaha Hadid designed, National Museum of 21st Century Art (MAXXI) opening in December 2020. Special Advisor: Pippo Ciorra (Senior Curator of Architecture, MAXXI)

The architecture exhibition lies at the confounded intersection of the representation and generation of architecture and its discourses. The institutional setting of the museum functions as the place for the display of architecture, but paradoxically, suspends any evidence of architecture actually ‘being’ there. This architecture in absentia resists the museum’s institutional codes, practices and perceptual histories – something that art cannot do, but something that architecture seems to do naturally.

The interior of the Zaha Hadid designed MAXXI museum and drawings from the Aldo Rossi Archive at MAXXI combine to anticipate architecture’s displacement within the museum and with it the emergence of new architectural modalities, co-dependent, and independent of the museum.

Studio 8 Students:
Erin Campbell | Yichen Cao | Hongchang (Andy) Duan | Christopher Filippidis | Jacob Komarzynski | Jessica Liu | Manning McBride | Oskar Rosa | Yi Wang | Lachlan Welsh | Sharleen Wonorahardjo | Nan Hang Zhang

Studio 8 Guest Critics:
Prof. Pippo Ciorra | Prof. Thordis Arhennius | Dr Chiara Velicogna | Prof. Diane Ghirardo | Prof. Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen | Giovanna Borasi | Prof. Alan Pert | Prof. Donald Bates | Prof. Paul Walker | Prof. Corbett Lyon | Belinda Yang | Richen Jin

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