Representing and Remembering Place

Subject coordinator: Professor Hannah Lewi

Tutors: Magdalena Sliwinska, Dr. Isun Kazerani, David Brand


‘Though the site is a product of culture, it is by nature not a finished or closed product. It is an artifact of human work that can neither be completed nor abandoned. Its meaning can never be determinable. The site, like the human condition, is open. This is the surplus of site, its indefinable excess.’ Carol J. Burns

Representing and Remembering Place examines how architects and designers observe, record, document and act upon sites. Over the semester students explore and assemble different ways of thinking about spaces, places and buildings that change over time, and techniques for site representation and recollection – or the reading of site in the broadest sense.

Students have created an Atlas and a Journal that interrogates their chosen site in Melbourne, or wherever they have found themselves situated in 2020.

Architecture Architectural History and Conversation 2020_summer