Landscape Detail Design

Coordinator: Dr Sidh Sintusingha

Tutors: Alexander Fenech, Aki Hatayama, Haiku van Keuk, Tim Muhlebach, Xiaoyi Sun and Sidh Sintusingha

Digital Tutor: Adam Dean

This subject links the creative, practical and technical aspects of landscape architecture design process to construction by developing knowledge and skills that translate and communicate design into the language of construction documentation emphasising the materiality and assemblage of hardscapes. The subject also introduces CAD as the graphic medium for documentation. Knowledge and skills are developed through a series of assessment components: a group assignment to critically review real documentation packages, conduct precedent study and interview designers and present findings to their peers; and the main assignment of a hardscape detail design and documentation project that utilises and synthesises skills and knowledge gained in the first assignment and prerequisite subjects. The assessment criteria encourage the integration of ESD technologies in the detail design process and the development of CAD skills.

Landscape Architecture 2020_summer