Xuyu Zhou

This project is based on the core of the subject, to design, details and test the landscape architectural design to human scale, and develop concepts, design development and construction methods as a learning process.

The design concept is based on the wonderful and comfortable experience sitting under the tree get in touch with nature, which is luxury we don’t have in some urban conditions. Many places are not suitable for large tree plants and take a longer time to grow them. For that, the design is looking replacement solutions like green infrastructure to introduce back to campus.

  • The design has few goals, to encourage people using recycled material in their daily life.
  • Provide a cool and comfortable outdoor sitting area.
  • Sustainable (self-sustainable design) Water and solar energy harvesting
  • Public information broadcast, and part stop 1 function
  • Architectural, lighting, modularity and practicality also part of think process
Water runoff testing
Xuyu Zhou
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