Adam Kleiner

Turning back the clock to 2013, City North Youth Centre & Carlton Reserve is an alternative development proposal for the site of the former CUB brewery. The aim of the design was to provide a space for people of all ages, backgrounds and social standings to engage in recreational activities, leisure or to escape the density of the surrounding city area. The design, however, does adhere to a predominantly youth-centric ethos as about 50% of residents within the City North area are aged between 15 - 24. In 2012, the City of Melbourne stated that there are no youth services within the area, this then became the accent of the design when reimagining the development of both the site and the surrounding area. The design features; a ​youth centre buried within ​City Hill - providing a fully equipped space for youth development without sacrificing the much needed expansive open space, an extensive ​Skatepark incorporating a bowl with varying depth as well as vert and street elements, a ​Mixed- Use Recreational Field & Stadium - designed to accommodate a variety of sports, performances and activities, and various intimate spaces to allow for an escape from the surrounding city district. This is a design for community engagement that embraces the youth demographic of the City North area.