Jinhang Dong

– A relaxing green space for young people

Nowadays, many young people are suffering great stress from their work and study. Located at the edge of Melbourne CBD, this site can serve as an attractive relaxing space, supporting all kinds of stress relief activities for the surrounding community. The design aims to refit this once brewery into a postindustrial green infrastructure of leisure. Based on the existing landform, the basin lawn area in the centre forms a relatively quiet space, screened from the pollution and noise from adjacent streets by lush vegetation and marked by its flexibility for people holding capacity. Its soft surface can also collect stormwater from Queensberry Street and Swanston Street for irrigation. The new landform is resilient to handle different levels of Melbourne's yearly flooding events. The ribbon-like meandering pathways not only support continuous equal access, promoting a sense of being in another place and encouraging taking one's time. It offers various spatial experiences by linking separate landing spaces at different scales and levels. The changing landform is attractive to new settlers of the city and could support all kinds of daily activities for young students.