Priya Bukte

NEXUS- Focal gathering space amidst the City

This project seeks to explore diverse spatial experiences with the idea of creating a Nexus- a focal point amidst the City of Melbourne. Owing to the dense urban context there is a need for a breathing space in the city that promotes gathering of people. This would result in an increase in social interactions amongst the diverse population. The area is dominated by a young demographic that are primarily international students living in apartments without any outdoor open area. The central idea for this project is to create a space for gathering while creating pockets of intimate spaces within and while doing so using subtle modifications in the landform.

The key objectives in this project were- creating a diverse spatial experience, exploring the different spatial experiences that can be created using terrain, managing the ephemeral condition of water, creating a space for gathering of people and creating pockets of immersion with varying scales of intimacy all through making subtle modifications in the existing land form. The park offers a variety of experiences created through the landform like spaces for sitting, relaxing, lying down, playing and transition spaces. Additionally, the central amphitheatre acts as a focal point that provides a space for congregating as well as multipurpose activities.