Thesis Studio 01
Nightingale Night School

Studio leaders: Ali Galbraith with Jeremy McLeod


The status quo development model is aimed at delivering buildings with maximum financial yields rather than focusing on the people who will live there or their impact on the environment and local communities.

Nightingale Housing aims to provide housing for Melbourne’s rapidly growing population in well-connected, community-driven, medium density apartments – all delivered to people through means outside of the existing paradigm of developers, marketers and real estate agents to make them more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable.

Nightingale Housing exists to revolutionise the way we live together. Students will learn how to interrogate the financial feasibility of developments and have the opportunity to learn in depth the process of delivering triple bottom line housing at cost. We will explore pushing the boundaries of multi-residential architectural design to create meaningful contributions to the city and exceptional spaces for living in.

Architecture 2020_summer